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School Pride Displayed On Football Field

School Pride Displayed On Football Field

WAVERLY – A little school pride has been added to the Waverly football field. If you have wandered past the Viking Stadium football field recently, you would have noticed a large letter “W” staring back at you.

Marvin Lambie, Owner of Creative Landscaping, recently landscaped a big white “W” on the south end of the football field.

Lambie said the idea came about during a football game while he was talking with Waverly Athletic Director Jack Guggenmos and Waverly High School Principal Ryan Ricenbaw.

“It sounded like a good idea and a fun project,” Lambie said. Guggenmos said, “We’ve said for years it would be nice to have something there, but never did more than talk about it.”

“Marvin took the idea and ran with it.” Lambie and Guggenmos went out to the football field and placed stakes where the “W” would eventually lay.

Lambie donated the materials and labor from his landscaping business. The “W” is 40 foot tall and 50 foot wide and made of 10 tons of white rock. The “W” is outlined with trim, and shrubbery has been planted around the letter.

“We wanted it to be big enough to be seen from the road,” Lambie said.

The “W” is fixed on a hill with a slight decline. Lambie said it was a challenge to get the rocks to stay in place, but they figured it out.

Lambie said eventually they would like to add lighting to the landscape design so people can see it at night.

“This was a unique project, and we’re happy to do something to support the school,” Lambie said.

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